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December 14th is known in Japan as the day the 'Genroku Ako Incident (元禄赤穂事件)' occurred during the Edo period in 1703. Oishi Kuranosuke was a samurai who served under Asano Takumi-no-Kami, the daimyo of Ako domain. Asano's rival lord, Kira Kozuke-no-suke, tricked Asano and had him executed; the execution of Asano resulted in the abolishment of Ako domain. A year later (in 1703), Oishi along with 47 other former samurai of the Ako domain exacted revenge by attacking and killing Asano. The incident became the basis of a story titled 'Chushingura (忠臣蔵)', which has been performed many times in joruri (浄瑠璃; dramatic narrative accompanied with music), kabuki (歌舞伎; traditional Japanese theater), films and dramas. The main character, the chivalrous and loyal samurai Oishi Kuranosuke, is portrayed as a man with sound judgment and adept at analyzing various situations. Who is most suited to act as Oishi?

A recent survey conducted by Oricon asked people which actor they thought was best suited to perform as the passionate Oishi. Oguri Shun, arguably the most popular of all actors in their 20s, received the most votes.

Beside his successful career as an actor, recently it was announced that he will become the youngest actor to direct a film. That has led fans to speculate that he can effectively lead other people as well. "Since he's going to direct a movie, he must have good leadership qualities too."

No.2 was Karasawa Toshiaki, and Kimura Takuya came in at No.3. Actors who played leaders in dramas tended to rank high.

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