Ikuta Toma Talks about Matsumoto Jun: Past and Present

Minggu, 06 Desember 2009 |

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Johnny's member Ikuta Toma talked about his recently meeting with Arashi member Matsumoto Jun.

Ikuta "For the first time in ages I went out to eat dinner with Matsumoto Jun. Afterwards we ended up going to Matsumoto's house...I had a great time talking about lots of different things. Matsu-Jun [Matsumoto] is a very earnest person. He's a great source of motivation. While we were talking we discovered that we were using the same perfume. We 'argued' who should switch to a different one! 'I'll change first!' 'No, I will!'
That reminded me of when we had costarred in the theater production 'Stand by Me'. We quarreled practically everyday (laugh). We fought over the most insignificant things. But hey, we were just middle school students back then.
Now those 'brats' have grownup, and there we were talking while having a drink...gee, we've matured a lot (laugh)."

Fans would definitely have wanted to be there between them! The two longtime friends must have been surprised to find that have unwittingly been using the same perfume. Does anyone know exactly what brand they're using? As they grow older they are bound to continue being good friends and also be good influence for each other!

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