Kyoko Fukada in Movie “Ururu no mori no monogatari”

Senin, 28 Desember 2009 |

kyoko fukada

TOKYO — Actress Kyoko Fukada, 27, revealed recently she had a hard time with her role as a nature photographer in “Ururu no mori no monogatari” (“A Tale of Ululu’s Wonderful Forest.”)

Fukada plays the younger sister of a man whose two children come up to Hokkaido to live with him for the summer, after his ex-wife and custodian of the kids is admitted to hospital in Tokyo. While there, the children become attached to a puppy they find nearby and name it Ululu. Soon after they are told it is likely to be a wolf from an extinct species, and will be taken into captivity. The kids decide to try to return the baby wolf to his mother and embark on an adventure in which they play in the vast expanses of nature. On the way, they come across many wild animals, including Ezo deers and foxes.

The heart-warming story was produced by the same people who made “Mari to koinu no mon ogatari” (“A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies”) in 2007.

Fukada, who is used to playing some eye-catching roles such as a Lolita-high school student in “Kamikaze Girls” or Doronjo in “Yatterman,” said that she tried not to stand out in the family-oriented movie. She added that starring in a more regular production was the most difficult role she has played to date.

“A Tale of Ululu’s Wonderful Forest” is in cinemas now.

Japan Today

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