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Saori Hara Profile and Biography
Name: Saori Hara, 原紗央莉 はら さおり
DOB: January 1, 1988
Bith: Hiroshima, Japan
Height: 165cm
Measurements: B85/W61/H85 (E-Cup)
Hobbies: Yoga, Games, Dance

Aboug Saori Hara
Saori Hara (原紗央莉 / HARA Saori) is a Japanese gravure idol, singer, and AV actress. She was born on January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Saori Hara don't need a long time to make her as one of the best actress in 2009. Together with her senior like Rio (Tina Yuzuki), Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami, Elly Akira (aka Yuka Osawa), Kaho Kasumi, Hitomi, Risa Tsukino, Honami Takasaka, Rin Sakuragi, Kirara Asuka, Saori Hara was included in Best actress 2009 awards.

There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet recently about SOD’s new star, Saori Hara (原紗央莉). The soon to be 21 year old (born 1988, January 1st) will be making her debut with a new release from SOD on January 22nd. This beauty from Hiroshima is a quarter German (Grandfather was German). Saori first appeared in the entertainment scene in 2005 when she released a couple image videos and photo book. She was known as Mai Nanami (七海まい) at the time. She disappeared for a couple years and resurfaced in 2008 using the name Saori Hara. She released another image video called Clear Water. She finally posed nude for Sabra in November, which is when it was announced she will be working for SOD.

SOD seems pretty high on Soari Hara. She is already listed as one of their stars on the SOD Stars website. SOD has a huge banner near the 109 building in Shibuya, Tokyo, for their STOP STD campaign (pictured, see the full sized version at i rub your brog). They’ve featured past stars like Nana Natsume on it before, but now they’re featuring Saori. I have a feeling her debut DVD is going to sell a lot of copies. SOD has a special page to promote her debut which you can find here: SOD’s special Saori Hara page

If anything, this seems to be the year of Saori Hara. This girl came out of relatively nowhere to have an unprecedented rise to stardom. SOD pumped tons of marketing into this girl, and it paid off with an insane amount of buzz and record breaking sales. The quarter-German brown eyed beauty captured our attention with her unique, voluptuous looks. She certainly has a following among her fans. Our first ever post on Saori Hara was by far the most viewed post of the year, and our review of her beach video was the third most viewed post. She has been shockingly open about her personal life and feelings on her blog, and she has even revealed her real name in a recent autobiography. DMM lists 21 DVDs featuring Saori Hara in 2009, including compilations.

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