Takuya Ishida in movie Real Onigokko

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009 |

real onigokko

It was recently announced that last year's surprise hit movie "Real Onigokko" is getting a sequel. Now, it has been revealed that the heroine of "Real Onigokko 2" will be newcomer Jun Yoshinaga (16).

Based on a novel by Yusuke Yamada, the first film starred Takuya Ishida (22) as a young man named Tsubasa Sato. When the government begins a program to hunt down and eliminate people named Sato (the most common surname in Japan), he finds himself constantly on the run in order to survive. In the sequel, the young Yoshinaga plays Tsubasa's sister, who is also the leader of a resistance movement against the program.

Yoshinaga has been a fashion model for the magazine Hana*chu→ since junior high, though she is still an unknown in the entertainment world. Director Issei Shibata explained that Yoshinaga had previously auditioned for another movie, and he chose her for the part after remembering her good sense for acting.

"Real Onigokko 2" is scheduled to open in June 2010.


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